Martín JR Cabrera

I am a mental health advocate, community activist and philanthropist. My purpose is to serve the community of earth and the people who live here. I have six plus years of experience working with the youth in High Schools, Colleges, and those who are transitioning into a new area of life called Adulting. I am a certified Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP) practitioner who has more than six years of experience helping individuals navigate mental health crisis and suicide prevention. During my years in college, I was the Vice President of a club called Active
Minds where we would hold events for the students to mentally decompress from the pressure of figuring out life and the next steps to come. Through my experience with anxiety and suicidal ideations, I had to navigate my own mental health crisis through education and mentorship programs.
Six years ago when I became a certified Life Coach I knew my purpose was to contribute to the continuous growth of society. It is an honor to be joining such a strong and established group with the Haz La Diferencia Organization .
The goal is to be a role model to those who don’t have one. To mentor the mentorless. To guide those who don’t have a mother or father to a new light of hope. A light of Hope that shines so bright they will never get lost and always have a path of Love to follow