At Haz la Diferencia, we understand that information is the key to sparking change.

Our goals focus on supporting those most in need and, by educating those around use about those needs, we hope to inspire others to do what they can to help provide a hand up to anyone who may need it.

With that in mind, we are happy to consider presenting information about our organization as well as the current state of the children and the needs they have pertaining to personal care items, clothing , school supplies and SPONSORSHIP'S, within our local community or at suitable events located throughout the area.

If you are interested in having a Befresh team member speak at your event, we would love to review your request. Please contact us directly via email with information about your event and any topics you would like us to cover, and we will be happy to discuss scheduling an appropriate team member to attend.


If you are interested in media coverage regarding the work of Haz La Diferencia, please contact the Haz La Diferencia team directly via email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.