Ninos de la Promesa Orphanage in Need of Urgent Repairs

City Government asks OHLD to assist in upgrades

Let's start with some great news! 

Over the past few weeks we have had government authorities examine our children's home and they have declared to us that the present dormitory where the children now live is very sound structurally, and can be used for at least 10 more years! 

However, our job is not done as we have been told that the building requires further improvements.

Some of the vital renovations required for this project include installing a brand new roof, completely renovating the plumbing systems and electrical wiring, and adding more up-to-date safety features. This will cost us approximately $ 25,000 USD. See the images below for a better look at the scope of the repairs required.

In order to complete this goal we will need the help of generous people like you! We are praying that we can meet our financial goal and make the necessary repairs to the children's home.

We at Organizacion Haz La Diferencia & Ninos de la Promesa Orphanage thank you for your kindness and generosity!

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