ESTADO 29           


Orphanage Estado 29 was founded by Mexican minister Jose Acosta Zamora in August 1957 with five children who were orphans from the town of San Luis Rio Colorado in Sonora. Estado 29 was the first orphanage of San Antonio de las Minas, Ensenada, BC. Pastor Acosta was deeply influenced by the presence of so many children living on the street in Mexico.

He started preaching about their condition and the Christian obligation we have to help orphans. In the town of San Antonio, Mrs. Manuela Camacho was touched by this and donated the land to start a home for these children. Mrs. Camacho did not have family or children, thus these five orphans became her family and she began serving the Lord at ESTADO 29. For many years the orphanage consisted of three mud rooms, a few old beds, a dinner table and a wooden stove for cooking. Many years later, in 1975, electricity was connected and an LPG tank was added to supply gas for cooking. Every little improvement to the facilities has been done very slowly by private donations or individuals. In 1977 Mrs. Camacho passed away and left the land to the orphanage. In 1983, Pastor Acosta and his family founded a private, non-profit organization to work as an orphanage known as CASA HOGAR ESTADO 29.

In 1987, Pastor Acosta became very ill thus handing over the direction of the orphanage to his daughter Debora and the church to his son Samuel who also is a pastor.

Through the assistance of many donors and committed churches, CASA HOGAR ESTADO 29. presently has dorms, a kitchen, dining room, laundry room, bathrooms, etc. Today the orphanage provides a stable home and education for close to 100 children.



In an era where we are bombarded with stories of heartache and despair, the notion of a special place where hope is restored, hurts are healed, and children find safe refuge from the harsh realities of the world seems rather farfetched. Incredibly, such a place does exist in Valle de Las Palmas, Mexico and it is aptly named MIRACLE RANCH.


MIRACLE RANCH CHILDREN´S HOME has provided loving care for abandoned, abused and orphan children for nearly 20 years. Under the committed leadership of Cesar and Cheryl Uribe, MIRACLE RANCH works to meet an enormous and ever-growing need for the at risk children of Mexico. It is the mission of MIRACLE RANCH CHILDREN´S HOME to provide for the care, nurture and overall development of each child within a home and family setting of the Christian faith; to cultivate intellectual, physical, spiritual, social and emotional well-being in each child as a unique and special entity; and to emphasize the qualities of human kindness, respect and love as both the rights and gifts of every human being.

Ninos de la Promesa Orphanage

Hay 80 niños que viven en la casa. Estos niños pueden salir en cualquier momento si no quieren vivir en la casa. Sólo que no pueden regresar. Esto se hace por lo que no tienen puertas cerradas y se siente más como una casa real y no una cárcel. Hay muchas actividades, fiestas, clases de música, actividades de la iglesia, sirviendo a la gente y los animales necesitados, yendo al parque y el campo, surf, natación, clases especiales para cocinar, salvavidas junior y asoc policía juvenil, así como van a la escuela. Hay 6 curso para escuelas de la carrera y la universidad. Tyler y Connie quieren a los niños a salir de la casa con un título en una carrera que aseguran cada uno será capaz de ganarse la vida como bien para mantener ayudar a los demás y no regresar a las calles.