Haz La Diferencia is dedicated to the children.

Our mission is to provide educational assistance to underprivileged children and communities both nationally & internationally.


our Goal

Build leadership influence. Provide economic support in education, strengthen strategic capacities for transformational leadership. Allowing for greater opportunities for development and growth in our current society by creating men and women with a broad degree of awareness and responsibility as individuals.

our mission

Improve the quality of life of orphaned and disadvantaged children living in orphanages and children's homes, worldwide by providing essential resources to support the growth and development of tomorrow’s leaders.


our vision

Ensure the development of varied knowledge that allows them to understand their culture and the interrelationship between their own cultural environment and that of other civilizations in the world.

Engaging the community via collaborative outreach.

As an organization, we have given ourselves the task of developing programs, classes and conferences designed toward encouraging our society to make a change.