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F4H reaches out to students for one purpose; to make a change in their lives and communities. Help to make responsible decisions, and learn new ways of approaching problems, reinforcing trust and beliefs, learn to maintain a positive attitude, and create a more fulfilling and authentic life.

International tour 2021-2022



He is a motivational speaker who has shared his message of hope with more than 730 million people in over 70 countries.
Nick Vijicic was born without extremities for an unknown reason, he knew from a young age that he was different. His childhood was not easy since he was bullied by his peers. The bullying or taunts that he experienced, lead him to attempt ending his life at age 10.

But it wasn’t till much later in life, after overcoming people’s ignorance and discrimination that he built what he now calls a “Ridiculously Good Life”, he found his mission in life: use his handicap to motivate and start conversations that would change the life of millions of people.

Nick has performed more than 3,500 presentations in 70 countries about various issues like school bullying, inspiring positive change, persistence and determination and his own life story. It doesn’t matter where he goes, he conveys the central message of HOPE, PURPOSE, CHANGE and HAPPINESS!

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