Executive Director

C.G. Ryche is an award-winning film director, writer, producer, and visionary composer. Known in the industry as a “Renaissance Man” for his wide range of skills, Ryche has produced, written, and directed several Seven-figure projects for television and companies, including The Walt Disney Co., The NFL, PBS, Hollywood Pictures, HP, and Trueality TV. C.G. was an understudy of John H. Radulovic (Producer: Ray Donovan, House of Lies) and Bruce Markoe (Executive of Post-Production: Captain America / Avengers) working on set and in the studio and has gone on to win several awards for directing, writing and composing, including an Emmy for the PBS Special Benise, Nights of Fire concert film. Ryche has several film scripts he’s attracted to and television shows in development and being pitched. C.G. has also done graphic art for artists and companies including Zinger Bats, Remo Inc., RONN Motor Group, Inc. Ford-Rives, Chad Smith, Tizer, Time Warner, Battista, to name a few. C.G. is an internationally recognized recording artist that has toured the world. Ryche’s has headlined in Las Vegas and can be seen performing with numerous projects on PBS.

C.G. is currently Chief Marketing Officer of the zero-emission electric-hydrogen fuel-cell automaker RONN Motor Group and is in charge of all creative for the company