Founder / CEO

“My mission is to leave a legacy of significance”

Born and raised in Mexico, Emma Salamanca moved to the United States in 1984. Focused totally on her mission, she envisioned herself achieving her dreams by embarking on her journey with a clear goal. 

In 1999, Emma, started her successful career in the entertainment business followed by founding “Lassu Booking & Management”, a company that manages international artists.  Presently, she is the Founder and President. 

With the constant evolution of her life and convinced she can create a social shift, Emma created “HAZ LA DIFERENCIA“, with the determination to improve and prepare the lives of disadvantaged children, youth, and adults for leadership, personal growth and career success through education.  

At Haz La Diferencia, we are committed to our mission. To help us fulfill that mission, we have gathered a team of committed professionals that represent excellence and integrity in their field and are driven by a passion for feeding the world.